Have your business messages on Facebook appear in Numa so you can see all of your customer messages in one place

Time Estimate:
4 minutes


Access to your business's Facebook account


In addition to text messaging and voicemail, Numa can also check your business's Facebook account for any customers that are trying to message you through Facebook Messenger.

Once connected, any new Facebook Messenger conversations will also appear in Numa. You can reply just like you would any other inbound text. Customers get faster and better responses and you have one less inbox you need to keep an eye on.

What You Need to Do

  1. Sign into your Numa account at inbox.numa.com.

  2. Go to the Settings > Facebook

  3. Connect your business's Facebook page by selecting Connect.

  4. You will be taken to Facebook. Accept Facebook's prompts to grant Numa limited access to your business's Facebook account. (If you are not already signed into your business's Facebook account, you may be asked to sign in first.)

  5. If you have an auto-response set up in Facebook Messenger, consider turning it off. Numa will automatically reply to acknowledge each new Facebook Messenger customer, just like with inbound texts.

When You're Done

To test that Numa has been properly set up with access to your business's Facebook account, send a message to your business from your personal account using Facebook Messenger. You should see the new conversation appear within your Numa account.

Good to Know

Numa will never post anything on your business's Facebook page or make other public changes.

Numa can only see the accounts you grant access to. Granting access to your business's Facebook account will not give Numa access to your personal Facebook profile or messages.

Once Numa has access to your business's Facebook account, conversations are kept copied and synced across Facebook Messenger and Numa. Your business's conversations with customers will still appear in Facebook Messenger, too, and you are always free to read and respond to any conversation in Facebook Messenger directly, if you wish.

You can revoke Numa's access to your business's Facebook account at any time via Facebook's account settings.

Facebook Messenger does not disclose customers' phone numbers. Within Numa, conversations with Facebook Messenger customers will display "via Facebook" instead of a phone number. Your replies will be delivered to the customer via Facebook Messenger automatically.

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