Lots of customers checking out your business on Instagram? Give them an easier way to get in touch!

Time Estimate:
2 minutes


Access to your business's Instagram account


You can now add a contact button to your Instagram account. This gives potential customers yet another way to reach you.

Specifically, when potential customers visit your business's Instagram profile and press the Contact button, they will now have the option to send your business a text message. For many customers, contact a business via text messages is more natural and preferable than striking up a conversation through their personal social media identity ("Direct Messaging").

What You Need to Do

Note: Adding a Contact Button requires a Business level Instagram account. If you are using a personal Instagram account for your business, click on Try Instagram Business Tools under Edit Profile.

Adding a Contact Button is as easy as editing your business's Instagram profile.

  1. Sign into the Instagram account for your business.

  2. From your business's profile, click Edit Profile.

  3. Choose Contact Options.

  4. Add your business's phone number.

  5. Choose the Text option.

  6. Press Save.

  7. While you're editing your profile, make sure you have a compelling action-oriented bio that encourages potential customers to contact you: "Need help with your project? Text us for an estimate!" or "Considering a purchase? Text us to start the conversation!"

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