Numa includes a smart visual voicemail system that's conveniently integrated into your existing inbox. Customers love that Numa also gives them the option to switch to texting, if they prefer.

To set up Numa Voicemail, you'll set up your business's phone line to forward all unanswered calls to Numa. See How do I forward my missed calls to Numa?

Once set up, here's how Numa handles missed calls:

  1. Customer calls your store

  2. If nobody is available to answer, your customer hears your store's voicemail greeting

  3. The voicemail greeting includes a prompt to switch to text messaging

  4. Customers can ignore the prompt and hang up or leave a voicemail. When a customer leaves a voicemail, Numa notifies your business via any phones, tablets, or computers you have chosen to set up with Numa. You can text the customer back, right from the app, or give them a call. Numa transcribes the voicemail for easy reading and also provides the original audio. Numa keeps a record of missed calls, in case you ever need to review them

  5. Any customers who request to switch to texting automatically get a text back from your store asking how you can help them, conveniently starting a new conversation

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