Most landline and VoIP phone numbers can be made textable with Numa.

This means that customers who call your business, and then receive a text back from you, will see the text coming from the same number as they originally called. Any texts sent to your number get delivered to your Numa inbox.

Time Estimate:
10 minutes

Moderate (some attention required)

Access to your business's phone so we can call you

How does it work?

To use your business's existing landline or VoIP phone number for texting, you need to give Numa permission to send and receive text messages using that phone number.

Once you've done so, Numa does the rest. When a customer sends a text message to your business, Numa receives the message and shows it in your Numa inbox. You and your employees can view and respond to these messages from any internet-connected phone, tablet, or computer. Any replies you send get sent from your business's existing phone number, too.

What if my business has a mobile / wireless number?

At this time, Numa cannot take over a mobile phone's phone number in order to send and receive text messages from that number.

See our article Setup guide for businesses with mobile / wireless phones.

Setup instructions

To enable texting on your business's existing phone number:

  1. Sign in to your account at

  2. Go to the Settings > Business texting.

  3. Scroll down to your list of available texting numbers. Select your business's existing phone number to add it. Note: If your phone number is not able to text-enabled, you will see a note saying so here.

  4. You'll be guided through a multi-step process for text enabling your phone number: First, you'll be asked for an address associated with the phone number. Use your business's address or, if not applicable, the billing address where phone bills would get sent. Second, for verification purposes, Numa will ask if you're ready to receive an automated phone call on your existing phone number. You'll be given a PIN that you'll need to provide when answering this call. Lastly, you'll receive an automated email with a doc you need to e-sign. This authorizes Numa to add texting to your existing phone line.

  5. After completing these three steps, we'll process your request. We're usually able to add texting to an existing phone line in under an hour. On rare occasion it may take up to a business day or two. Either way, we'll monitor for you and keep you posted.

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