Absolutely! You can teach Numa new topics about your business and common questions asked by your customers. There are three ways to expand Numa's knowledge, in increasing order of sophistication:

  • Provide answers to the questions Numa already knows about your business. From day one, Numa knows enough about your business to have a general sense of questions your customers are likely to ask. This is the obvious stuff, like your address or your hours of operation. Sign in to your account at inbox.numa.com. Go to the Settings > Questions & answers. Review the list of topics there, paying special attention to those topics where Numa doesn't yet know a reply.

  • Add additional topics from our Topics Library. From the Answers mentioned in the bullet above, click "Add a New Topic". This brings up a Topic Library of additional topics you can add to Numa's repertoire for your business.

  • Add your own custom topics. From the Topics Library screen in the bullet above, there's also a "Create your own topic" option. This lets you train Numa on a new topic, from scratch. In doing so, it's important that you give Numa several examples of how customers might ask about the topic. Variety is good, so you'll want to vary the representative terms and phrasings you provide.

Expanding Numa's knowledge is a powerful way to get the most out of Numa, but we know that it can be daunting to learn a new system. If you have hands-on help or have any questions after reviewing this list, please get in touch!

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