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Any manager or owner can add and remove employees for your locations within the Settings of the Numa website.

  1. Log into inbox.numa.com

  2. Go to Settings > Manage Staff

Adding an Employee

To add an employee from the Staff page in Settings:

  1. Click the Add Staff button at the top of the list of users

  2. Type in the employee's e-mail address

  3. If supported with your account's plan, select a role for the new user

After adding:

  • Your employee will receive an e-mail invitation from Numa (please check spam folder if they do not see it in their Inbox)

  • The invitation will contain a link they must click on to join

  • When joining, they will provide additional contact info and create a login password. This is the info they'll use to log in to your company's Numa account

  • If applicable, encourage your employee to get the Numa app onto their iPhone or Android phone

Invitations expire after a few days. If an employee does not accept the invitation in time, you can remove and re-add them.

Removing an Employee

To remove an employee from the Users section in Settings:

  1. Select the employee you want to remove access for

  2. Select "Remove User"

Note: If your business has multiple locations and the employee is a user at more than one location, they will need to be removed from each location by an owner or manager of that location.

Once removed, an employee may no longer log into your business's Numa account.

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