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Adding a printer

Eatmoji can automatically connect with supported Star Micronics printers.

To connect one or more ticket printers with the Eatmoji system:

  1. Make sure your tablet is connected to the same network as your printers (often you'll have your tablet on Wifi and your printers connected to your ISP's router via ethernet—this is fine)

  2. In the tablet ordering app, go to the order settings screen (little black gear icon in the top right corner of the orders tab)

  3. Under the Printing section, go to"Printer Settings". A list of the available printers on the same network as the tablet will display.

  4. Select the printer that you would like to connect to.

  5. Select "Add Printer" to connect to the printer. You can optionally name the printer so it is more recognizable in the future.

  6. The printer will display as "Connected"

Pro tip:

If your kitchen has multiple printers it can be hard to tell which printer is which. Use the test print to identify the location of each printer then name each printer something that is recognizable.

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