Setup Instructions

  1. Sign into your Dialpad admin dashboard

  2. Under Your Devices select Add New and choose Add a Forwarding Number from the drop down menu.

3. Insert your Numa number and click Verify.

4. Push 1 to verify your Numa number.

How to Confirm It's Working

You can place a test call by going to Settings > Phone numbers > Test my setup or call your business's phone number from your personal phone. If nobody answers, you should hear your Numa Voicemail greeting.


Make sure that the Numa call forwarding number is added to your business's routing options and that no other Operator, voicemail system, or routing rule in Dialpad is pre-empting Numa.

Many businesses set up Dialpad to have different routing rules during business hours vs. after business hours. Make sure Numa has been added as a fallback to both.

If you don't see the option to add a phone number as a fallback option, contact Dialpad and make sure "External Forwarding" has been enabled on your account. Dialpad support should be able to walk you through how to configure your account to forward to an external forwarding number.

No matter what, don't hesitate to contact Numa support! We'll happily work with you and your service provider to get you all set up.

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