Setup Instructions

  1. Log in to your Vonage account

  2. Locate the call forwarding box at the top left hand cover of the main page

  3. Enter your telephone number and click configure

  4. Select the amount of time you would like the call to be delayed before it is forwarded (recommendation: 5 seconds)

  5. Enter the call forwarding number assigned to you by Numa

  6. Click the enable button

  7. Look for the "Use Caller ID" option and set it to "Originating Caller ID"

  8. While still logged into your Vonage account, click Features and go to Call Hunt

  9. Click Call Hunt Configuration

  10. Enter your ten digit telephone number

  11. Enter the call forwarding number assigned to you by Numa

  12. Change your voicemail option to ‘if first number is busy’

  13. Click continue, review the information then click Activate New Sequence to apply the settings

How to Confirm It's Working

You can place a test call by going to Settings > Phone numbers > Test my setup or call your business's phone number from your personal phone. If nobody answers, you should hear your Numa Voicemail greeting.


Make sure you don't have an answering machine picking up your calls before they get forwarded.

If your business's phone line is part of a hunt group (multiple lines that ring until one is answered), you may need to set up forwarding on all the lines involved. Alternatively, you could remove your business phone line from the hunt group.

Contact your phone provider and have them double check that forwarding was set up properly and is active on your line.

No matter what, don't hesitate to contact Numa support! We'll happily work with you and your service provider to get you all set up.

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