Numa lets you quickly and comfortably solicit reviews from customers via text message. 

We all know that being well-reviewed, with many recent relevant reviews, is increasingly vital to maintaining a strong online presence. As studies consistently show, businesses that do a better job of soliciting reviews tend to rank higher and fare better when attracting new customers online. Studies also tell us that customers are much more likely to read text messages than read emails or listen to voicemails, which is why soliciting reviews via text message with Numa is a powerful addition to your business.

How it works

Reviews from Numa are simple and effective. Your customer receives a text message from you, asking them to leave a review online, with a link that directs them to leave a review at one of a collection of sites hand-picked as most important for your industry.

Numa Reviews supports many of the most popular review sites, including Google Reviews, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Better Business Bureau, and Yellow Pages. You can also add your own custom review sites if there’s a different review site that matters for your particular locality or industry.

When considering whether to leave a review, customers can also choose to send their private feedback directly to you. In this case you’ll receive a message from the customer and can reply via text message. This is a great way to clear up the occasional misunderstanding or head off an otherwise frustrated customer.

Getting Started

To get set up with Reviews, sign into your Numa account, choose Settings > Reviews, and follow the prompts.

You’ll need to add one or more review sites. We support soliciting reviews on many of the most popular review sites, including Google Reviews, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Better Business Bureau, and Yellow Pages. Pick as many or as few as matter to your business, and rearrange them in the order you want customers to see them.

If there’s a review site we don’t include that’s relevant for your business, use our “Custom site” option to add it.

How to Request a Review

Once you’ve set up your preferred review sites, above, requesting a review is easy.

The simplest way to request a review is from within an existing conversation. This is a perfect follow-up action to take immediately after you or your staff has finished helping a customer, whether answering their questions or handling a transaction for them. 

In your conversation, find the text box where you’d normally type your reply. At the top of this text box you’ll find an option for “Shortcuts.” 

Pick this “Shortcuts” option to reveal available shortcuts. Choose the “Request review” shortcut. This sends a review request message to the customer you are chatting with.

For certain qualified businesses, Numa also offers an API to automate the sending of review requests. Contact a Numa representative if this interests you.

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