Numa can be used across multiple locations!

Each location is a "team" with its own inbox so you can easily respond and track conversations per location.

With the combined Inbox view you can view all the conversations across all your teams in one place.

Why multiple teams is better than one

Manager's Birds Eye View

As an owner or manager you can keep tabs on all of their teams and ensure that their teams are being responsive. You also don't have to sign in/out or remember login information for each account.

Limit employee access to just their teams

Numa allow you to decide which team members get access to which teams. For example employee A (who works at the Main St location) can be given access to just that location. When they login to Numa they won't be notified or distracted by messages at other locations.

Custom answers for each team or location

It is very common for different locations or departments to have different hours or appointment booking sites. Having multiple teams in Numa allows each location to customize its settings and auto-replies. For example if a customer asks "When are you open?" Numa can respond with the correct hours for that location or team.

Adding additional locations to teams

Just reach out to Numa customer support to add additional locations or teams to your account by selecting the Help within your Numa inbox.

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