There are several types of call forwarding. Numa typically recommends that you forward missed calls to Numa but Boost Mobile only provides the option to forward all calls to Numa.

This means all your calls would be immediately forwarded or redirected to another phone number (Numa) without your phone ringing. This works well if you don't typically need to answer the phone (Numa can on your behalf). You'll still be able to call customers back on your Boost Mobile phone.

To enable call forwarding always with Boost Mobile follow these instructions:

Call Forwarding Always

  • Dial *72 followed by your 10-digit Numa number (for example: *72-555-555-5555).

How to Confirm It's Working

You can place a test call by going to Settings > Phone numbers > Test my setup or call your business's phone number from your personal phone. If nobody answers, you should hear your Numa Voicemail greeting.

Turn off call forwarding

  • Dial *720

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