When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit back in March of 2020, the Numa team developed a feature called the "Broadcast list" which would override the standard Numa call answering and provide a custom message to callers.

Based on the feedback from the Broadcast list, the Numa team has developed a number of call answering scripts for better handling incoming calls. These call answering scripts allow you to:

  • Play a different greeting during business hours and after business hours

  • Send out appointment or order links directly from the call answering script

  • Record your own greeting

On March 31, 2021 Numa will be disabling the "Broadcast list" on all accounts that still have the feature enabled. Once disabled, Numa will answer phone calls using the call answering script as configured in the Numa settings. Before March 31st, you'll want to customize your call answering script to answer the phone with your preferred script and then turn off the Broadcast list. Below are more detailed instructions on how to set up your call answering script.

Setting up your call answering script

  1. Navigate to Settings > Call answering script

  2. Click 'customize' to customize your script. You can adjust the script Numa uses to answer your calls, including how Numa greets customers, prompts for voicemail, and if Numa should behave differently when your business is open versus closed.

  3. Check that your business hours are accurate. Go to Set up > Business Hours to view your business hours and adjust them as necessary.

  4. Turn off the Broadcast list. At the top of your inbox you will see a little banner indicating the 'Broadcast list is on'. Select that banner and then toggle the Broadcast list off.

Here is a 3-min video showing how you can change your call answering script.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Numa team should you need assistance switching to the call answering script.

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