Setup Instructions

To forward missed calls from your RingByName account to Numa:

  1. On your RingByName home page, click on your name at the top right hand corner and choose the option "Receive Calls At".

  2. Click on "Add" under the Cellphones and Landlines tab and add your Numa number.

  3. Ensure that the checkbox next to the number is checked for 'enabled' to enable forwarding.

  4. For Delay, decide how many seconds you want to wait before RingByName will send the call to Numa. We recommend 15 seconds.

  5. Make sure that Show The Caller ID of the Person Calling ´╗┐is ENABLED.

How to Confirm It's Working

You can place a test call by going to Settings > Phone numbers > Test my setup or call your business's phone number from your personal phone. If nobody answers, you should hear your Numa Voicemail greeting.


Contact your phone provider and have them double check that forwarding was set up properly and is active on your line.

Turn Off Call Forwarding

Return to the RingByName portal and, using the instructions above disable or remove your Numa number.

No matter what, don't hesitate to contact Numa support! We'll happily work with you and your service provider to get you all set up.

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