Numa will generally notify you when a customer message needs your attention, if you have the Numa app installed on your phone or tablet. If you're not receiving these notifications, review the list below.

  • Make sure Numa has permission to show you notifications. When you first install the app, Numa asks for permission to show you notifications. Numa needs your permission to show you notifications. You can double check that the app has permission to show you notifications by finding the app within your phone's native Settings app.

  • Make sure the app is installed and you are logged in to your business's account. You need to be actively logged in in order to receive notifications. If you are logged out or don't have the app on your phone or tablet, Numa won't notify you.

  • Check your phone's Do Not Disturb rules. If your phone is on silent, thinks it is night, or thinks you no longer want messages from Numa, your phone may be silencing your notifications.

  • Check your business's Do Not Disturb rules within Numa. In addition to your phone's Do Not Disturb settings, employees can have Do Not Disturb rules within Numa to prevent notifications outside of business hours or on days off. Sign into your account and navigate to your Settings to review your Do Not Disturb settings. (Do Not Disturb is only available for certain billing tiers.)

  • Understand which messages Numa notifies you about. Numa tries to only notify you for actionable messages that warrant your attention. If a customer calls and hangs up without leaving a message or sending in a text, Numa won't notify you. If a customer's question is answered by Numa or another employee, you'll simply be notified that a customer was helped without being notified of the full contents of the message.

  • Check your phone's internet connectivity. If your phone has a spotty internet connection, it may take longer for notifications to reach your phone. You will not receive notifications if your phone doesn't have internet connection, e.g. if WiFi is turned off or you are in Airplane mode.

  • Check your phone's battery level. Low battery levels can cause your phone to attempt to conserve power. This can mean that notifications get delayed or, in more extreme battery saver modes, suppressed altogether until your phone is recharged.

Receiving timely notice of new messages is a core part of the product, so if you're still having issues after reviewing the list above, please get in touch!

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