I forgot my password

  • Go to inbox.numa.com

  • Enter in your account email address. Click Sign in

  • Select Send a sign-in link to my email

  • You'll receive an email with instructions for signing in and the option to set a new password.

I forgot my username / email

  • To sign in to your Numa account, use the email you used when creating your Numa account

  • If you are the owner of your business's Numa account, you provided your email address during your original signup experience

  • If you are not the owner of your business's Numa account, you would have been invited to join your business's Numa account; your email address is whatever email address was used when you were invited

  • Tip: If you have multiple email addresses, do a search in your email inbox for references to "Numa" to determine which email address you used to create your account

I need to create an account

  • If your business is already signed up for Numa, but you don't have an account, then have someone who already has a Numa account add you as a user within Numa; that person will need to have Owner or Manager permissions to add additional users

  • If you have purchased Numa but haven't yet created an account, you should have received an email with instructions for creating your account. Search your email inbox for references to "Numa". Make sure to also check other email inboxes the email might have been sent to, such as a general purpose info@ or contact@ email address your business uses.

If you're still having trouble creating or accessing your account after reviewing this list, please get in touch.

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