Numa tries to save you time and get your customers quick responses by automatically answering common questions that Numa knows the answer to. If a particular customer's question didn't get answered automatically and you think it should have, review the list below.

  • Numa errs on the side of being conservative. Even if you've set Numa to auto-reply, Numa will still only send messages when she's confident that she recognizes the question being asked. If a customer asked a question and Numa didn't answer, it may be that she wasn't entirely confident she had a match. (In these cases, you'll still often see Numa suggest your saved reply. This is a good signal that Numa recognized the question but simply wasn't 100% sure.)

  • Make sure Numa knows and answer and auto-reply is toggled on. Sign in to your account at Go to the Settings > Questions & answers. Find the topic that you expected Numa to answer and make sure there's an answer and that the response is toggled to allow smart auto-replies. Numa will only reply to topics in the Answers list that have answers and auto-replies toggled on.

  • Numa avoids sending the same message back-to-back to the same customer. Most customers don't purposefully ask the same question back-to-back hoping to receive the same exact answer again. Therefore, if Numa already replied to a customer and the customer immediately asks another question that Numa thinks is the same topic, Numa's conservative nature will take over and Numa won't send the same reply a second time.

  • Numa will defer to a human employee if a customer's question matches two likely answers. Numa will sometimes feel torn between answering a question two different ways. This is most common if there is a lot of overlap between two topics you've trained Numa about, or there is a lot of overlap in the example questions used to teach Numa about those two topics. Continuing with the theme that Numa errs on the side of being conservative, Numa will often choose not to answer if it's not clear which answer is the best match. You can minimize these occurrences by making sure that the topics Numa knows about are each distinct and don't have overlapping examples.

Numa's auto-replies are a powerful way to save your business time while getting your customers quicker responses. If you're still having issues after reviewing this list, please get in touch!

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