Yes. To receive notifications of new messages while you browse other sites or use other tools on your desktop, turn on browser notifications.

  1. Sign into your account at

  2. In the green banner at the top of the screen, click on "Turn on browser notifications."

  3. Your browser will prompt you to allow browser notifications from Numa. Click 'Accept'.

Note: If you don't see the green banner at the top of the screen you can click on Me > Personal Settings and then turn on browser notifications.

Note: In order to receive browser notifications you must stay signed into your account and keep Numa open in one of your browser's tabs. If you close the Numa tab or sign out of your account, you won't receive notifications.


In Windows 10, there’s a feature called "Focus Assist" which may be turned on (by default) on your computer -- it only allows notifications categorized as “Alarms” to appear.

To see and hear Numa notifications, you need to make sure that the browser is not blocked by the Operating System.

When Focus Assist is turned on, there’s a little moon in the bottom right corner of System tray:


Some options:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable browser notifications if I have blocked them?

You'll need to go into your browser's notification settings and allow notifications from Numa. Below are some instructions on how to do this on popular browsers.


  1. In the Chrome browser go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Notifications

  2. Locate Numa in the list of sites.

  3. Click the menu to the left of the Numa site and click "Allow."


  1. In the Firefox browser go type about:preferences#privacy in the URL field

  2. Scroll down to Permissions

  3. Under permissions click on the notification Settings

  4. Locate Numa in the list of sites and click "Allow"


  1. In the Safari browser go to Preferences > Websites > Notifications

  2. Locate Numa in the list of websites.

  3. Click the drop down menu to the right of the Numa site and click "Allow."

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