Shortcuts make it faster and easier to respond to customers with common actions at-hand during any conversation.  For example, you can save a link to your pricing sheet as a Shortcut.  Instead of typing it out, invoke the Shortcut.

When To Use Shortcuts

It's common that Numa users start to copy/paste responses from prior conversations into newer conversations.  This is a perfect reason to start using Shortcuts. But there's some bigger wins from using Shortcuts:

  • Going faster - every moment you can knock away and respond quicker to a customer is a win.  Shortcuts are a very easy way to turn a minute or two of keying out a common message to a tap or two.

  • Consistent messaging - keep your team in sync on how they answer communicate with customers.  With Shortcuts, you can define these phrases and share them with the team.

  • When automation isn't right - Numa helps automatically answer many questions. Sometimes that's not what you want. Shortcuts allow you to keep common responses at-hand without requiring the AI to handle the conversation.

How do I use Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are available whenever composing a message:

From there, you can access different types of Shortcuts:

What is a Saved Reply?

A saved reply is a common text snippet that you can insert into a message via Shortcuts.  This is the most common/popular shortcut for Numa accounts.

How do I create a Saved Reply?

At the top-right corner of the Saved Replies screen is a "+" symbol.   From that, you can provide the following:

  • Name of the shortcut - how to show it in the list

  • Quick entry keyword - a word you can type that helps auto-complete the shortcut

  • Saved reply - the content you want inserted into your message when invoking the shortcut

How do I update a Saved Reply?

When you choose any shortcut from the Saved Replies screen, there's a three-dotted "More" button at the top right-hand corner.  From there you can choose to edit or delete the shortcut.

Ok, how do I do this really really fast? (Quick Entry replies)

There's actually a shortcut for Shortcuts!  When typing a new message, type a # symbol at any time to see a list of all shortcuts.  You can select from the list or continue typing the name of the shortcut to select it.  By using the Shortcuts shortcut, you can use shortcuts without ever leaving your message.

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