Reminders make managing your Inbox easier and more focused.  Instead of keeping a conversation hanging out in your Inbox that isn't actionable for your team, set a Reminder to have Numa remind you about the conversation at a later date.  Conversations that have a Reminder set won't be flagged for escalations or waiting nudges.

When to use Reminders

Every team has their own way of managing their Inbox to be productive.  However, we've seen some best practices from customers using Reminders:

  • Checking back in with a customer - sometimes you want to check back with a customer at a later date and make sure they're happy.  Just set a Reminder in the conversation and Numa will remind you about it on the date of your choosing.

  • An answer needs input from someone else - a customer might ask a question that needs input from someone else (e.g. Do you have any of these in stock today?).  Setting a Reminder in the conversation helps make sure that the customer conversation doesn't get lost while you get the answer.

How to set Reminders

On Web

  • Select any conversation in your Inbox

  • While viewing the conversation, at the top of the conversation, press the Remind me button

On Mobile

  • Within the Inbox, swipe any conversation (by default, swipe right).  This will pop-up with Reminder options

  • Alternatively, select any conversation and press the Info button in the top right-hand side of the header. From within the Details screen, choose Remind me.

What happens when you set a Reminder

When you set a Reminder in a conversation, the following happens:

  • The customer conversation is moved from your Open to the Reminders filter of your inbox.  You can always move it back by finding the Conversation there and marking it Open.  This will remove the Reminder from the conversation.

  • At your chosen Reminder time, the Conversation is automatically moved back to the Open list in your Inbox.  Depending on your settings, you'll also receive and e-mail and/or push notification.

  • You can always select a Conversation that already has a Reminder set and then set a new one – the new Reminder will replace the old one.

Are there any limits on Reminders?

  • Reminders happen every 5 minutes.  As you set a Reminder time, expect it to be rounded-up to the next 5 minute increment.

  • You can set a Reminder in a conversation for any date in the future.  The date/time will be based on your location's timezone.

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