It's important that you and your staff understand relevant laws and regulations around using text messages in a business setting. Compliance policies allow you to customize reminders and guidelines that staff members see when using Numa to respond to customers.

Numa allows you to customize four common scenarios where your staff may need a reminder as well as the content of the reminder message.

Setting up compliance policies

  1. Log into 

  2. Go to Settings > Messaging preferences > Compliance policies.

  3. Toggle the scenarios where you want to remind staff about texting guidelines

  4. Edit the texting guidelines reminder message and detailed texting guidelines message to match your business texting policies.

Customizing the reminder message

The reminder message will show when a conversation meets the criteria to trigger one of the scenarios.

Customize the detailed texting guidelines

Clicking on Learn more will display a pop up message with a more detailed explanation of your texting guidelines.

Compliance reminder scenarios

Use the toggles to turn on the scenarios that you want to show the compliance reminders for.

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