In addition to text messages. Numa also allows you to send images and files to your customers. This article outlines the file types and file size that Numa supports as well as provides some guidance to improver delivery.

Best Practices

Send common file types

Just because Numa can send a lot of file types doesn't mean that your customers will always be able to receive them. For example, some cell phone carriers won't deliver .pdf messages. Sticking to common file types like .jpg images will help ensure that your messages get delivered.

Keep your file size small

Large files take longer to deliver and won't be delivered if they exceed a certain size.

If you have a large file (or even a file type that isn't supported by Numa) you can post that file online and then send a simple text message with a link directing the customer to that location.


In an abundance of caution for COVID-19 all customers must fill out this form prior to their appointment. {https:// ... insert a link to the file you are trying to share}

Maximum File Size

Numa can send files up to 5MB

Types of Files

These are the types of files that Numa can send.

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