Coordinating curbside pick-up with customers can be a pain. Customers don't want to download another app when they arrive and you don't want to tie up your phones with customers simply calling to tell you they are here.

With Numa's Curbside pickup feature, you can know when a customer arrives and have Numa quickly gather the info you need to deliver their order, conveniently via text messages.

How it works

  1. Simply have customers text the word "HERE" when they arrive at your business

  2. Numa automatically responds, asking for their name or order number

  3. Numa gathers any necessary information you'll need for the order handoff (like a parking spot, or vehicle make and model)

  4. Your staff can grab the order and quickly take it out to the customer

Setting up Curbside Pickup with Numa

1. Go to Settings > Curbside pickup and turn ON curbside pickups

2. Set how you want customers to identify their order

Numa can automatically send arriving customers a message asking for a name, an order number, or your own custom message.

3. Set how you want customers to identify their location for the handoff

Numa will automatically follow up asking for a parking spot number, a car make and model, or your own custom handoff instructions.

How to test it

Simply text the word HERE to your business's Numa number (or text enabled number).

Practical tips for rolling out Curbside

After turning on Numa's Curbside feature, the main thing left to do is to tell your customers to text the word "Here" when they arrive to pick up their orders. Some ideas:

  1. Put signs in your parking lot or on your front door

  2. Add instructions to your order confirmation emails

  3. Train your staff to pass along the instructions when taking orders over the phone

  4. Update your Numa call answering script to help callers who are ready to pick up their order


If you previously programed another HERE topic you will need to remove that topic from your list of answers.

This feature is in beta so if you have questions or feedback please don't hesitate to reach out to the Numa support team.

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