Sometimes, callers don't engage or leave any message. By default, Numa automatically closes these "hang-ups" to keeps them out of your Inbox. This lets your team stay focused and ignore this type of missed call, since hang-ups often turn out to be telemarketers, spam, or otherwise hard to act on. You can always see all of these hang-up calls by clicking on the "Closed" view in your Inbox.

However, some businesses understandably want to see these hang-ups in their main Inbox – perhaps to recognize known clients' calls or just to act on every opportunity.

You can adjust your preferences so Numa keeps hang-ups open in your Inbox. Numa can also optionally suggest a standard follow-up message for your staff.

Keep hang-ups open in your Inbox

To stop Numa from automatically closing hang-ups:

​Adjust your hang-up response

You can also edit the suggested response that appears after a hang-up so that you can quickly send hang-ups a quick text reply:

  • Note: only one of your account's owners can make the following change

  • Go to your account's "Messaging preferences" in your Numa settings: Settings > Messaging preferences (found in the "Manage your team" section)

  • Scroll down to find the "Hang-ups" section

  • Edit the "Standard response to hang-ups"

  • Numa suggests this response to your staff when they're viewing a conversation with a hang-up, as shown below

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