Labels allow your service advisors to understand their assigned conversations at just a glance. Instead of simply assigning out conversations, you can easily Label them so that service advisors or managers will see the associated Label and be able to quickly take action on them. This provides them with more information without you needing to type up a note.

When to use Labels

Each team has its own way of dealing with incoming conversations. However, there are some best practice recommendations for using Labels for BDC agents and receptionists when assigning out conversations to service advisors. These are some of the ways you may want to use Labels:

  • Warranty, Recall Work - if a customer needs recall work, you may need to order in parts, or assign it to a specific advisor. Utilizing this label allows for the service advisor to know they need to check into a part before scheduling an appointment for the customer.

  • Upset Customer - It's true what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." When tagging a conversation with an upset customer, you can alert your manager to get ahold of this customer quickly to resolve any miscommunications.

  • Looking for a Quote - Turn that question into an RO! You may want to use Labels for quotes so that a service advisor know there may be several steps involved in

How to create a new Label

You only need to create a new label one time. Every time thereafter, you'll be able to choose the already created label. Creating a label for the first time is simple:

In a conversation

  • While viewing any open conversation, at the top of the conversation, press the Label button.

  • In the open text box, type in the new label you'd like to create, and press Create new label.

  • Fill in what color and icon you'd like to use, and the expiration date of the label - or how long you'd like to have the label associated with the conversation. Most labels will want to expire within a week.

  • Press Create. It's that simple! Now, you can use your created label whenever you'd like.

How to use an existing Label

In a conversation

  • When viewing an open conversation, at the top of the conversation, press the Label button.

  • Choose the pertinent Label so that you can quickly scan conversations and see which specific needs your customers has.

What happens when you use a Label

When you set a label, the following happens:

  • A colored label is created in the customer conversation. When you open the conversation, it will have the Label at the top of the conversation. You can always remove the label if it is no longer necessary.

  • You can quickly see the Labels in your view and in the inbox. You can use these as quick reminders as to what each customer may need help with.

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