"Still waiting" nudges and Escalations are features that help your business be responsive to customer messages. Numa can notify you when a conversation is waiting too long so your customers aren't left hanging.

"Still waiting" nudges

When Numa notices a conversation that seems to be waiting for a response and has been left open for too long, Numa will send your staff a second notification (a nudge). Nudges are gentle reminders that there is still a conversation waiting, sent to the same set of folks who received a notification about the conversation to begin with.

How long is two long? Too long is 2 hours for Essential licenses. With a Numa Pro license you have the ability to adjust this time.

Pro tip: Any time you've responded to a message or feel a conversation is over, don't forget to close that conversation (or set a reminder) to avoid Numa nudging you about it later.


Escalations (like nudges) make sure your customers aren't waiting too long for a response but (unlike nudges) they aren't quite as gentle reminders. When Numa notices a conversation that seems to be waiting for a response and has been left open for too long, Numa can add a note to that conversation and mention any staff that have been designated to receive escalations, triggering an extra notification.

In addition to the note, escalated conversations are visually marked in the inbox.

Critically, this escalation list can include staff who didn't originally receive a notification about the conversation in question. This means you can have certain staff act as backup, only getting roped into a conversation if a customer has been waiting too long.

With the escalations feature you have the ability to configure the following options:

  • How much time passes before escalating. Set how long Numa will wait before escalating the conversation to the escalation list.

  • The escalation list. For each location or team on your account you will be able to specify which users you want to have conversations escalated to.

Escalations are available to users with a Pro Numa license.

How to turn on and configure nudges and escalations

Note: You must be a owner to adjust these settings

  1. Open up Numa on a browser: inbox.numa.com

  2. Navigate to Settings > Messaging preferences

  3. Adjust the still waiting notification and escalation preferences to your desired settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive nudges or escalations in the middle of the night?

Not unless you want to be. Numa will only escalate and nudge your during your messaging hours (by default your business hours). You can edit your business hours and messaging hours in Numa's settings.

How exact are the timings of the nudge and escalation notifications?

Numa will run through all the open conversations about every 15min to see what conversations need to be nudged or escalated. So in some cases it may take a few extra minutes beyond the configured time - up to 15 minutes - for the conversation to be nudged or escalated.

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